The Hottest Fitness Studio Design Trends for 2022


It’s the wow factor that dominates the decade’s newest design trends, with fitness studios drawing inspiration from styles as diverse as Art Deco glamour and industrial minimalism. Whether bold primary colors or understated monochrome palettes, dramatic interiors harness the emotional and physical in today’s multi-sensory workout environments.

There has been a significant shift in target markets over the last few years, and our studio designs have evolved to meet the expectations of a multi-generational audience. Sophisticated materials such as reclaimed wood, glimmering metallics and blackened steel are incorporated with an unexpected playful piece as a gentle reminder of taking your passions seriously without taking yourself too seriously.

The Most Requested Feature in Fitness Studios

Pure Studio, San Diego

Generous social spaces and hangout areas are the number one “must have” for our international and US clients, and there is significant revenue to be found in hosting birthday celebrations, bridal parties, and community charity events. Working out is the new going out, and fitness junkies come early and stay late to sweat, smile, inspire and connect.

Other common fitness studio requests:

  • Black and white is the new yin and yang trend, and uncluttered minimalism will continue. Black is back.
  • Childcare with pint-sized fitness equipment and “book-a-spot” classes for the little ones.
  • Superior soundproofing and flawless acoustics are essential to keep business neighbors happy. Include more than less in your budget.
  • Three specialized studios under one roof deliver fresh workouts every day of the week. From indoor cycling and boxing to HIIT and yoga, these larger 5,000 – 8,000 sq. ft. studios are filling empty retail space and bringing valuable traffic.
  • Blow dry bars loaded with grooming essentials make it easier to perfect your post-workout hair game.
  • Velvet seating in vibrant colors. Durable and stain resistant, this is not your grandmother’s red velvet of yesteryear.
  • Mesmerizing illumination with purpose; used sparingly with ever-changing, programmable scenes to create an emotional and physical response.
  • Talented, dedicated instructors are the heart and soul of every successful studio. Include thoughtful features for your rock stars to prevent burnout and create loyalty.
  • Smaller, more intimate cycling studios with 30-35 bikes rather than 45-50. More classes on the schedule with midnight rides for 3rd shift workers.
  • Cafés and refreshment bars serving nutritious post-workout fare.
  • Visual merchandising systems with athletic mannequins, top athleisure brands, shoes, and accessories to entice retail sales.
  • Feminine tones in blush, pink, bronze, and taupe are making their way into fitness spaces to conjure up feelings of playfulness, enthusiasm and kindness.
Woodway Treadmills Shine X

Cookie Cutters Fitness Studios are Out

While trends come and go, successful studios cannot merely arrive on the scene in 2020 – they must be vitally relevant and impossible to ignore. To differentiate and become visible, avoid using the same words, promises, and copycat designs as your competitors to convince the world how unique you are. Harness the power of creativity to spark imagination and curiosity to make your clients keep coming back for more.

The first step in launching a successful studio starts with creating your brand and weaving the design, language, color, and storytelling to make a connection. Studio owners have an insatiable desire to help, serve, and improve the conditions of others, but they should never take a shortsighted approach to a long-term goal.